Pistachio Cake

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There’s nothing fake or artificial in this exceptional pistachio cake. This green-colored cake is a sponge cake with pistachio flavored white chocolate mousse, decorated on top with toasted pistachio nuts. Its indeed a perfect gift to send someone who is dear to you, whether on his birthday, graduation day, or just on a random day! He is sure to be surprised!


Note: This cake cannot be purchased alone. We advise that exotic flowers be part of anyone’s gift! Fresh flowers spread love and happiness more than any other gift. Check our lovely flower designs and select one to go with this delicious cake. We’ll make sure to deliver the gorgeous gift bundle on-time to his door!

Care Tips

  • Keep your flowers in a cool location away from sources of heat such as household appliances or radiators, direct sunlight such as windowsills, and drafts from windows or doors.
  • Try not to neglect your flowers for more than 2-3 days. Be sure to take them out of the vase to change the cloudy water, and cut the stems at an angle with the sharpest scissors, shears, or knife you can find.
  • Remove any foliage that will fall below the waterline of your vase. If any foliage is left below the waterline, it will firstly introduce bacteria back into your clean water and will also decompose quickly being submerged.
  • Sometimes flowers will have discolored petals around the flower’s outer edge when delivered... don’t worry, these are just to protect the flowers. Remove these as they often fall from the flower into your vase water.
  • If your floral masterpiece is made on floral foam, make sure it is always soaked in plenty of water.
  • Flowers are incredibly thirsty and will drink the contents of a vase very quickly. Keep your eye on the water level and top this up regularly with room temperature water.
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