Crazy Moody by Arabian Oud

LF 1680
ر.س‏324.00 (السعر يشمل ضريبة القيمة المضافة)
نظره عامة

Crazy Moody by Arabian Oud, for those aspiring endless emanating spirit of a young adventurer, came this very special perfume to get you in the mood of non stop craziness rising from its crazy composition of the abstract mixture of fruits, iris and Litchi flower filled with wonder and amazement to those surrounded by you because of its mixture with the abstract of jasmine flower, patchouli and vanilla mixed with a great layer of nutmeg, Atlantic rice wood and rosemary flower making you forget all your burdens and renew your energy with your new crazy perfume filled with the finest aromatic breezes.


Unisex, 100ML

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