Beauty and the Beast

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Like the name, our ‘Beauty and the Beast’ combines delicate and wild flowers together, in the most beautiful and attractive way. Sparkling with vibrant beauty, this floral arrangement combines two happy colors for a gorgeous presentation; pink and white. The pink tulips, creamy white baby-roses, and bright white cymbidium orchids are artistically arranged in a trendy white ceramic bowl. The fascinating tulips are tied-up with vivid steel grass; a touch that makes the arrangement look more glamourous! This lovely arrangement will look wonderful on a side table in the living room, a nightstand in the bedroom, or a center table in the office.


Some people like big floral arrangements, but a few others prefer a small one that will convey the message and still look amazing! Sometimes less is really more. Share this magical piece with that special someone in your life to say ‘Thank You’, ‘Miss You’, ‘Congratulations’, or ‘I Love You’.

Suitable for:

Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby, Thank You, Miss You, Congratulations, Best Wishes, Love Collection, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day.

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اللون أبيض, زهري
نوع الورود التوليب, جوري, كمبوديوم
نوع التنسيق زهور في مزهرية
تناسب أطيب الأمنيات, تهنئة, ذكرى الزواج, شكر جزيل, شوق, مجموعة الحب, مولود جديد, يوم الأم, يوم المعلم, يوم الميلاد
Comes With صينية, كرت
عمر التخزين 5 أيام
Width (CM) 30
Height (CM) 25
Length (CM) 20
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