Rose Mix

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A sweet treat on a special day or just any day! The warm rich colors of this assortment are contrasted with a white wrapping paper, creating an amazing gift that will surely delight your special one.


The white musky roses are combined with vibrant hues of red, purple, yellow, orange, and pink to create a gorgeous flower arrangement. Send this lively hand bouquet to sweeten a best friend's birthday, say hi to mom, or congratulate your new neighbor for moving in. Roses express passion, joy, and life more distinctively than any other flower. Our florists only work with fresh flowers. We believe that fresh floral arrangements are genuine gifts. This bouquet will look wonderful in a clear glass vase on a long dining table or on the sitting room’s center table. Placing it in a guestroom is also a great idea, it’ll give a sincere warm welcoming message to your guests.