Afri Cala Passion

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When you want to celebrate the winter season but can't decide what gift to choose, giving flowers is an error-free option. A contemporary design that beautifully combines long-stemmed white tulips with white callas. A gift that is also suitable for celebrating weddings, the arrival of new babies, Teacher's Day, or Father’s Day. Your special recipient will be excited to add this piece to his home decoration.


Just like roses, tulip flowers symbolize different things depending on their color. White tulips signify respect, purity and honor. White callas also carry the meaning of innocence. White callas are said to be a good luck! These gorgeous blooms in the cylinder vase are the perfect piece for anyone looking to add a little bit of simplistic beauty to any space. The included hourglass vase is transparent and will go well with any decor theme. Place it near a natural light source for the best viewing in your bedroom.