Blushing Blooms

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This contemporary artwork looks extremely stylish in its white and purple hues. A combination of long-stemmed tulips, half-bloomed roses, and cymbidium orchids presented in a cylinder glass vase. The purple roses are one of the most stunning flowers. They take your breath away at their uniqueness and beauty. Purple roses are thought to represent the intense feeling of enchantment. White cymbidiums on the other hand, signifies innocence, elegance and beauty. While white tulips have a meaning of respect, purity, and honor.


Contemporary designs have strongly influenced all forms of art, including the floral industry. The contemporary floral designs are Victorian styled with a modern-day twist. These modern floral designs look more like art than they do flowers. These designs are usually inspired by actual art pieces. A key factor in this type of floral art is being able to use flowers in ways that they are not normally used in.