What Your Favorite Flowers Say About You

Flowers have the ability to transform a space and set the mood for any occasion. Statistics show that the rose is the queen of all flowers.

In fact, a survey in the United States found that 48 percent of the respondents preferred receiving and giving this flower on Valentine's day. Everyone has different tastes in flowers and no one flower is universally liked by everyone.

This simple fact is the reason why a person's personality can often be revealed by their favorite flowers. If you are interested in knowing what your favorite flower reveals about you, then read on!

1.  The Rose

The rose has been the inspiration for love poems for centuries and as mentioned before, it is the flower most often sent on Valentine's day. However, the rose is not just favored for this occasion, it is a favorite for other occasions as well.

No matter what the occasion, once it involves some sentimentality then the rose is often a perfect choice. Different colors have different meanings although red is the most popular and symbolizes romantic and passionate love. Yellow roses are usually given as a sign of friendship.

If this flower is your all-time favorite then it means you are romantic and extremely passionate. You have a tendency to see the best in others and bring out the best in them.

You strive for excellence in all you do and you are a bit of a perfectionist. You also value tradition and strive to have deep and meaningful relationships.

2. Tulips

Tulips have different meanings based on their color. If you send someone red tulips or get red tulips this is considered a declaration of love. If you want to be forgiven then you can send someone white tulips.

Yellow tulips are said to symbolize bright smiles and purple ones are a symbol of royalty. 

There are so many things that tulips can symbolize but even with these different meanings a love for the flower does point to certain personality traits.

If you love tulips you are sensitive in nature and extremely thoughtful. You give your best at all times and you find it easy to connect with various kinds of people. You also adapt well to change and your personal style tends to change depending on the mood you are in.

3. Daisies

The word daisy means "day's eye"  and if you look at the flower carefully you will see why it has this name based on its physical appearance.

Daisies have always represented innocence and purity. They also bring a sense of cheerfulness.

That is why they are the perfect flower for optimists. If this is your favorite flower, you have trained your mind to see good in even the worse situations.

Chances are high that you love mornings and greet the day with a smile. You also have a way with people and tend to know exactly what to say to make them smile.

4. Daffodils

This is one of the most popular flowers around and it is no wonder since this flaming yellow flower will brighten any room as well as anyone's day.

If you can't resist the daffodil it means that you are a family person. Your family means everything to you. Your friends are of paramount importance as well. 

Hosting a party or an event in honor of someone you love makes your day. This means that you can be called upon to host birthday and anniversary parties. You are a bit of a social butterfly and enjoy your fair share of social events.

Your laid back and fun way of looking at life is always present and this is what people love about you. They also love the fact that you can adapt easily to any environment and most situations. You are the embodiment of the phrase "bloom where you are planted".

5. Lilies 

Beauty and refinement are the hallmarks of lilies. Since the color of the lily varies there are various meanings attached to the different colors. Yellow lilies speak to cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

White Calla Lilies are a symbol of purity and innocence. They are often used in wedding bouquets for this reason. Its purity is so valued that it has been declared the national flower of Ethiopia.

Lilies of the valley are a symbol of the purity of the heart and are highly valued in some spiritual traditions.

If this is your favorite flower then it signifies that you are a happy person who stands out from the crowd. You are also hardworking and there is sincerity in everything that you do. You are a highly trustworthy person.

You also have an impeccable sense of style that is admired by those who you come into contact with.

6. Sunflowers

Sunflowers turn to face the sun. This says a lot. The sunflower naturally seeks the light.

This flower grows tall and majestic when given the chance. It turns heads with its beauty. It is one of the most unique flowers on earth.

If this your favorite flower, you like to make a statement. You do not have to deliberately set out to draw attention to yourself, who you are and the presence that you have naturally commands attention. 

You gravitate towards people who are warm and positive. Your style is bold and it makes you the center of attention. You like to wear dramatic accessories that command attention.

Final Thoughts on Favorite Flowers

Flowers bring joy and transform spaces. Your favorite flowers say a lot about who you are since it speaks to your personal taste and style.

If you find yourself gravitating towards a certain flower then you have now gained insight into why this is so. Flowers either make a connection with you or they don't. 

Maybe it's the petals, scent or appearance but whatever it is, depending on your personality you will like some flowers more than others.

If you would like more information about flowers and their ability to bring joy and brighten living and working spaces then please visit more of our blog.



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