Types of Vases for Perfect Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangements date all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. In the past, the Egyptians used them to decorate their palaces, funerals, weddings, and more.

Today a bouquet of flowers represents thoughtfulness, love, and care to women and men around the world. But creating the perfect flower arrangement isn't always easy. Not only do you have to consider the kinds of blooms you want to use and what you want the greenery to be, but you also have to select a vase.

The types of vases for flowers are many-ranging in size, shape, and material, and they all have their own specific uses. Before you purchase a bouquet for your loved one, you should consider the vase and whether you want to include one with your flower delivery.

Read on to learn more about the different options your recipient might have when it comes to storing their flowers.

1. Mason Jars

The mason jar is a household staple used for everything from jelly to sauces to storing change. But primarily, one of the most important roles of the mason jar is acting as a sturdy receptacle for liquids.

In the past, mason jars have been seen as a choice of glassware seldom chosen for their visual appeal at events outside of the southern United States. But interior design and wedding trends in the past twenty years have taken the mason jar from its humble beginnings to a staple of charming design. 

A mason jar is the most inexpensive and readily available way to store your flowers, so they can always be used in a pinch. And, you can dress them up with ribbons and bows to give them a more gentle look.

2. Milk Bottle

Milk bottles have had the same basic form since the 1930s since they are easy to fill, have an indentation to prevent spillage, and open up nicely at the top for an appealing design. 

Since their invention, milk bottles haven't just been the bottle of choice for milk distributors, but also a great option to use for floral design. They are great for smaller bouquets or bouquets that use flowers with thinner stems since they help hold them upright with their design.

3. Cylindrical Vase

A cylindrical vase is a simple and modern option. Most of them are made out of clear glass and offer you the opportunity to see the entire flower, stem and all.

If you choose a cylindrical vase, make sure you buy a full bouquet of flowers. Since it doesn't have a lip to it or an indentation, cylindrical vases have to be fully filled if you want the blooms to stay in place. You should also choose blooms that have long stems since you don't want your flowers to fall down in the vase.

4. Square Vase

A square vase can be a bit of a challenge for novice florists, but with the right planning, you can create a very special design. To make your job easier, consider buying a half-moon of floral foam to put in the bottom of your vase. 

Then simply press the stems of your flowers into the half moon as you go so they will stay in place right where you want them.

Alternatively, you can strategize your arrangement and place the blooms along the bottom level first before building up additional layers. Eventually, you will build the blooms up into the center, creating a complete arrangement. 

Only try the stacking method if you have a lot of large, sturdy flowers. If they fall all over the place, you can end up damaging the flowers before you have a chance to get them in place.

5. Classic Bouquet Vase

A classic bouquet vase is similar in design to the milk bottle as it has an indentation, wider lip, and a large portion of its space is taken up with liquid. 

The difference is bouquet vases are typically larger and made of thinner glass. This is because they don't need to be able to handle as much jostling since they don't have to be left on people's doorsteps.

Classic bouquet vases come in every color and size imaginable and are the first round choice of most flower orderers. By choosing a classy bouquet vase, you show your loved one you want them to have something beautiful that lasts much longer than the flowers.

6. Tulip Vase

A tulip vase isn't just for tulips. It's merely a popularized term for mini vases used to hold just one flower or a few. They can be nice for putting in your bathroom, on the countertop, or decorating a small table.

They're a great option for preserving a flower that you brought home from an occasion or one that you brought in from your garden. But they typically can't hold an entire bouquet, so they aren't often offered as a primary option by florists.

Other Types of Vases for Flowers

While we have covered many of the most popular types of vases, there are many other different designs out there. The only limit is your imagination. 

If you want to really get into your vase shopping, consider visiting a glass blowing gallery or a pottery studio to learn about the process behind making them. There are even artisans that make vases out of wood, stone, and resin.

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Now that you have had a basic introduction to the types of vases for flowers, it's time to order a bouquet for the one you love.

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