Roses or Lillies: The Best Romantic Flowers to Send on an Anniversary

While some research suggests that there are gender differences affecting abilities to remember anniversaries, most partners wouldn't accept this excuse. If you want to make your partner feel special, romantic flowers are the way to do it, even if you're a day late. Check out our guide on which flowers to send on your anniversary, whether you're on time or running behind.

Which Anniversaries To Celebrate

Figuring out which anniversaries are important to celebrate really depends on the kind of relationship that you have. While you might celebrate your relationship every single day, your partner might need a special reminder on an anniversary.

If you've just gone on a trip the week before your seventh wedding anniversary, you might not feel like you want to overdo it. Going overboard now might make it harder to get your tenth wedding anniversary to feel special.

However, if you haven't celebrated in a while or have gone through a rough patch, the right kind of flowers could remind your partner of how you feel. Lillies are a lovely flower to send a partner who you have a strong sexual and romantic bond with. If you need to remind them of how passionate you are about them, sending roses might be the most romantic flowers to give them.

If you have a feeling that this anniversary isn't as essential to your partner, you can make it more important with roses. But if it's not one that you will both go out of your way for, lilies will still let you know how much you love them.

Know Your Partner's Vibe

Everyone has a different attitude toward different flowers. Some people find lilies much more romantic than roses. Roses can feel like a high-stakes flower with a lot of implications attached to them.

Some people might be uncomfortable with receiving flowers.

If your partner will be getting the flowers at work, they might be embarrassed by how a big bouquet of roses makes them feel. Even if you've been married for years and you know their coworkers, it still might put the spotlight on them in a way they don't like.

Some partners love to be pampered and be showered in gifts. Roses are an extravagance that many such partners will love and appreciate. Understanding the needs of your partner is important, especially when sending them a gift.

Be aware of the message that each type of flower can send. If your relationship has been lukewarm and you send lilies, it might solidify doubts in your partners' mind. If things have been passionate and, roses might overdo the message you're trying to send.

If you communicate well with one another, either flower could do.

Fit Them To the Evening

If you have a long and exciting evening planned, think about which flower would fit better with the feeling of the evening. If things are going to be over the top with romance and excitement, you can send roses to get your partner excited about the night ahead. If you're having a fun night with your kids and your family, you can send lilies to make your partner feel special or send roses as a wink.

While the kids might be around, you'll be having passionate thoughts about your partner that will have you both in anticipation.

This can be an exciting way to amp up the tension for the night of your anniversary. If you can build a sexy romantic tension, you can ensure that you'll have a passionate evening.

Just a few roses can be a way to get them excited about the romantic dinner you have planned or the stroll through moonlight you're thinking about. Lillies can get them excited about the social event you're attending or the night you'll be spending at a concert or museum.

Triage Your Relationship

If you feel like the passion has been missing from your relationship, flowers can help bring things back to the place you want them to be. The right flowers can be an apology for problems that were created recently or a reminder that you want them to feel wanted and missed.

Wherever your relationship is at will dictate the kind of flowers you give your partner.

Try to reinforce the positive things that you want to share with them. If you're having a great time with a period of deep conversations and reminding your partner that you love their personality, lilies will reinforce that. If you're in a place where you need to remind your partner that you love their body and their sexuality, roses will be the way to go.

Have You Forgotten in the Past?

If you've ever forgotten your anniversary before, you might need to go big with the flowers this year. If you've just recently forgotten this anniversary, you might need these flowers even more.

Lillies can be a more apologetic flower that assures your partner how you value their trust and how sorry you are. Roses will be able to remind your partner how passionately you feel about them.

If they said that they didn't feel sexy around you or didn't feel physically attractive, roses are the way to go. If they had more existential concerns, send lilies.

Don't just make it a one-time thing either. Instead, send them every day for a week.

Romantic Flowers Can Go A Long Way

If you want to make your partner feel special at any point in the year, sending romantic flowers are the way to do it. Whether you're apologizing for forgetting your anniversary or trying to let them know that you remember, flowers are the perfect gift.

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