Beautiful Flowers and Their Unique Meanings

Are you looking to send flowers to someone special? Flowers are a popular gift that tell someone how you feel with just the right flower. In Ancient Greece, people thought flowers belonged to the Godsbecause they were so special.

There are many reasons to send someone flowers. Sometimes different colors send different messages, so be sure you check out the color meaning as well.

Some flowers are for love and forgiveness. Some, disdain. If you want to send beautiful flowers, read this post to make sure you are sending the right message.

1. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are stunning, large flowers that symbolize all kinds of heartfelt emotions. You can choose from a variety of colors including purple, blue, pink, white, and green. Different colors have different meanings:

  • Pink: heartfelt emotion
  • Blue: apology
  • White: bragging
  • Purple: want to understand someone

Colors change by the acidity of the soil, so if you buy someone the bush, they can change the color if they'd like. These are popular 4th wedding anniversary gifts because they show appreciation and heartfelt emotions.

2. Chrysanthemums 

These blooms are popular in the fall. They symbolize beauty and joy even though the cold winter months are just ahead. Various colors also have different meanings as follows:

  • Red: love and passion
  • Yellow: sorrow
  • Violet: well wishes
  • White: loyalty

Chrysanthemums are actually the second most popular flower after the beautiful rose. You can choose a variety of forms as well from daisy-like flowers to ones that resemble buttons. An interesting fact about chrysanthemums-these are actually tropical flowers.

3. Gerbera 

Gerberas are another popular flower after roses and carnations. You can select these large daisy family flowers in a variety of colors-some extremely bright and colorful.

Gerberas symbolize purity and innocence but often are extremely cheerful. With a variety of colors in a bouquet, these flowers come in just about every shade of the rainbow like a bright pink, deep red, or vibrant yellow. These flowers are so popular because they have a long vase life, so the recipient can enjoy their beauty for days.

4. Peony

If you like large statement blooms, peonies are a great choice. There are several meanings for the peony including romance, good fortune, happy marriage, wealth, and compassion. Some people think peonies mean bashfulness.

You can purchase peonies in various shades of pink, red, yellow, and white. This flower is popular to give on the 12th wedding anniversary because it means a happy relationship and good fortune.

5. Tulip

Tulips simply mean perfect love. They can also mean rebirth because they are one of the first to bloom in the spring.

The red tulip symbolizes everlasting love, but other colors also have meanings including:

  • White: forgiveness
  • Purple: royalty
  • Yellow: cheer
  • Pink: happiness

Tulips are another popular wedding anniversary flower, given on the 11th anniversary. Tulips are just elegant and graceful. The tulip black center shows the lover's heart surrounded by love and passion.

6. Freesia

Freesias are among some of the most fragrant flowers. They have a citrus, sweet smell that can light up a room. The pink and red varieties are actually more fragrant than the white blooms. 

Freesia have delicate flowers shaped in delicate bell blooms. These flowers symbolize friendship and innocence and are popular for the 7th wedding anniversary. 

Freesias are popular wedding flowers, especially the white variety. If you are looking to give flowers to family, friends, or another acquaintance, these flowers are great to give in multi-colored arrangements. These bouquets show thoughtfulness and friendship, especially the yellow varieties.

7. Orchid

One of the most delicate and ornamental plants, the orchid represents beauty, love, and strength. Orchids also symbolize luxury.

Pink orchids mean pure affection. Other colors have various meanings:

  • Yellow: friendship and new beginnings
  • Purple: admiration
  • White: elegance and innocence
  • Orange: pride and enthusiasm

Orchids are the perfect gift for a new friendship or to give to a loved one. There are so many varieties of orchids to choose from with more than 20,000 species all over the world.

8. Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lilies are bold and dramatic. They can symbolize wealth and prosperity, but toned down a bit are good flowers to show sympathy. They are versatile and can say "I'm sorry," "congratulations," or just about anything else.

Stargazers are extremely fragrant and are one of the most popular types of lilies even though they are a new hybrid to the family. These flowers definitely make a statement and can be given to just about anyone.

9. Purple Hyacinth

If you are looking to say "I'm sorry," the purple hyacinth may be the perfect flower. The deep purple colors are beautiful and demand attention to show any regrets. 

If you love the look of the stunning hyacinth but looking for a different meaning, you can check out other hyacinth colors and their meanings:

  • White: loveliness and thoughts for someone
  • Red: playtime
  • Yellow: jealousy

These fragrant flowers come up in the spring, and you can buy bulbs that the person can plant. This is a great gift if you want to apologize or offer hope to someone.

10. Rose

You can't have a list of the most beautiful flowers and not include the timeless rose. Different colors of the rose have different meanings, so you need to know what message you are sending. 

  • Red: love
  • Yellow: happiness and cheer
  • White: purity and charm
  • Pink: joy and grace
  • Orange: fascination
  • Peach: gratefulness or thank you

The number of roses you give can also send a message. Giving a single rose is a way to say thank you. If you send 13 roses, it means there is a secret admirer, and the traditional dozen means you deeply love someone.

Looking for Beautiful Flowers?

Flowers are a popular gift that everyone loves. You can send a message just by sending a person beautiful flowers such as thank you, I'm sorry, condolences, or even show your love. Take a look at our stunning bouquets to find the perfect arrangement.

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