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A unique mix of colors and textures make this a stunning gift for any occasion and anyone - especially those who prefer purple! Beautiful white chrysanthemums are combined with green chrysanthemum pompoms, violet carnations, purple roses, and white roses. The radiant assortment is wrapped in a light purple shade paper, ready to send your warmest wishes on a special day.


These beautiful and bright flowers come in different shapes, colors, and meanings. For instance, white flowers come with a wide variety of meanings all across the globe, but most likely it stands for joy, loyalty, purity, grace, new beginnings, and devoted love. Purple blooms usually range in shades from light lilac to deep violet, and it’s one of the most popular flower colors that signify admiration, romance, royalty, and mystery. The green flowers always represent good and positive meanings. They stand for youth, longevity, and hope. Shower your loved one with these gorgeous meanings and capture her heart forever.