Meadow Fresh

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We want to celebrate! Looking for the perfect floral arrangement to send to a friend or family member who just welcomed a little one in to the world? Our ‘Meadow Fresh’ will delight the new parents with its bright white and blue hues. A superb combination of blue hydrangeas, white tulips, white and blue roses, white casablanca lilies, and white chrysanthemums presented wonderfully in a steel basket. The white blooms in this floral design symbolize new beginnings and innocence. Blue booms speak inspiration, confidence, and hope. Gifting blue flowers is also a wonderful token to convey your best wishes. This special arrangement will add a fresh garden-feel to any room. A personalized message is printed on the basket to make the gift more special. Our friendly florists will gladly customize the message to suit the event you are celebrating, whether its Father’s Day, your brother’s birthday, or your friend’s graduation.

Suitable for:

Birthday, New Baby, Graduation, Best Wishes, Congratulations, Father's Day.

المزيد من المعلومات
اللون أبيض, أزرق
نوع الورود الأقحوان, التوليب, الزنبق, الهايدرنجا, جوري
نوع التنسيق زهور في سلة
تناسب أطيب الأمنيات, تخرج, تهنئة, مولود جديد, يوم الأب, يوم الميلاد
التنسيق يشمل سلة, كرت
عمر التخزين 5 أيام
العرض (سم) 25
الارتفاع (سم) 25
الطول (سم) 15
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