Thunder Beats - Large

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Give your heart to someone you love today! Our florists decided to build this extraordinary masterpiece to celebrate the most noble of feelings - Love. This wonderful design of roses was carefully created by our expert florists, and surrounded by green leaves all around. The rose is considered the queen of all flowers and is considered a symbol of love and passion. Mixing red and white roses together gives your bouquet a lovely new meaning. This enchanting combination indicates unity and enduring love.


If you do not want to express your feelings in words, here is a gift that will do the job for you. WOW him or her with this amazing love gift. In floriography; the art of speaking with flowers originated in Persia where some women of the Ottoman seraglios used flowers to communicate, as written language was forbidden. The tradition of using flowers as an expression then traveled to Europe.


Note: This floral arrangement is also available in a small size.

Suitable for:

Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Love Collection, Miss You, Valentine's Day, Wedding.

المزيد من المعلومات
اللون أبيض, أحمر
نوع الورود جوري
نوع التنسيق زهور على صينية
تناسب خطوبة, ذكرى الزواج, شوق, عرس, مجموعة الحب, يوم الحب, يوم الميلاد
Comes With صينية, كرت
عمر التخزين 5 أيام
Width (CM) 20
Height (CM) 10
Length (CM) 30
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