Red Affection - 35 Rose

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These picture-perfect hot red roses make a beautiful gift for the special lady in your life. She will surely cherish this bouquet of 35 loving red roses, tied to perfection to boldly express your admiration and affection. These roses are also perfect for the new person in your life, that you're excited to get to know better. Sometimes it’s hard to express what you want to say, so let fresh flowers send a message that transcends words. At Little Flora, we deliver more than bouquets; we deliver moments to remember.


Floriography, also known as the language of flowers, was all the rage in the Victorian era. Gifting someone flowers was never just a gift - each flower had a secret meaning that could be used to convey to your sweetheart how you really felt. Not only was the manner of delivery and arrangement meaningful, but the type and color of your flowers meant the difference between saying "I'm sorry" and "I love you". Roses did, as they do today, symbolize love. But whether it's friendship love or romantic love, it all depends on the shade of the rose. The delicate hot-red hues in our ‘Red Affection’ bouquet speak of gentleness, happiness, and love. A very romantic flower color, that also symbolizes grace and admiration.


Note: Includes 35 roses.